In the 3×3 League of Nations, U21 boys triumph and girls second place

The fights of the FIBA ​​3×3 U23 People’s League “U21” conference ended in Bucharest – the Lithuanian men’s team not only won the sixth stage of the tournament, but also won a ticket to the final stage of the league, which will take place in September. Meanwhile, the success of the girls’ team turned away – the remaining Lithuanians in the second tournament table did not reach the final stage.

Lithuanian 3×3 U21 boys team led by Aristidas Lukas Končius, Augustinas Mikštas, Benas Aleliūnas and Henrikas Alekna 15:14 broke the Czech Republic, 21:8 crushed Mongolia even after the extension 20:19 defeated Israel.

The guys with 520 credit points took first place in the overall standings of the conference, followed by the Czechs with 455 credit points.

Lithuanian 3×3 U21 girls’ team represented by Dalia Donchiskytė, Dominican Paliulytė, Gustė Drakšaitė and Saulė Mikelionytė 14:13 beat the Netherlands, however 13:18 landed on the Germans and thus prevented themselves from the final stage of the tournament.

Winning the sixth stage, the checks overtook the Lithuanians (460 credit points), collecting 480 credit points. Although the two teams with the highest number of points are also in the final stage, the Lithuanians will no longer be able to enter it.

The first best second team was the Netherlands from the Euro-American Conference with 470 points. Egypt will be the second team with the most points, and it is clear from the three rounds of the Africa-Asia conference that they will score at least 470 points.

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