In the electric car competition – I.Gelžinis and R.Kupčikas fight

On June 17, electric car crews will compete in a somewhat unusual race, where speeding is forbidden, and success is often determined by a well-designed and implemented plan. The stylish CUPRA Born will be one of the 30 cars to start at the event for the first time.

The first CUPRA electric car, which debuted in the Lithuanian market at the beginning of 2022, was designed in accordance with the philosophy that has already brought success to the brand. The bright exterior and interior design of this model perfectly matches the dynamic control. At the same time, it is an electric car adapted not only for urban conditions, but also for suburban travel, depending on the version, which can travel up to 544 kilometers on a single charge.

“Ignitis ON: get to know Lithuania!” Ignas Gelžinis. The model, which has a 58 kWh battery, can travel up to 415 kilometers on a single charge, so the athlete will compete in the Warsaw standings. It will compete with electric cars, covering 358 to 474 kilometers.

The platform is the same – the character is different

According to I. Gelžinis, who usually competes in a slightly different kind of car race, the electric car competition is a great opportunity to show everyone that not only cars with roaring internal combustion engines can be interesting. According to him, although the format of the competition is a bit different, the excitement is no less.

The racer takes the event seriously – he intends to drive more CUPRA Born electric cars before the start, test the energy consumption of this model in the current weather conditions, and put together a competition plan accordingly.

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“The plan will definitely have to be adjusted already during the competition, but because of that – only more interesting. Of course, we will try to choose the best possible strategy, “the interviewee assures.

CUPRA Born | Photo by organizers

I. Gelžinis notes that among other electric cars currently offered on the market, the CUPRA Born stands out with its attractive design. The model is built on the same platform as the Volkswagen ID.3, but the Spanish brand has improved the comfort of the electric car.

“The exterior design is more dynamic – the worse-looking front is very different. The differences are also noticeable when looking at the cabin, because it uses different materials “, – the main difference is named by the racer.

Inside, the CUPRA Born features modern-looking details and comfortable sports seats. This electric car can also be equipped with an adaptive chassis control system. The Born models also feature the latest software, so consumers will no longer have to deal with the bugs found in older Volkswagen ID electric cars.

Find out who better understood electric cars

I. Gelžinis is looking forward to the opportunity to compete with the Porsche Taycan 4S, which will start in the same standings and will be driven by a racer Robert Kupchik. The main goal of both professional drivers is to show everyone how promising the future can be with electric cars.

“The competition is exciting, but I hope we all have the opportunity to have a great day and at the same time find out the real possibilities of the new generation of electric cars,” says a member of the Born crew.

Most manufacturers currently offer electric cars that can cover all 330 kilometers from Vilnius to Palanga on a single charge. I. Gelžinis notices that this is almost the longest trip that may have to be covered while living in Lithuania, therefore those who are considering buying an electric car should no longer have to worry about the distance traveled or the possibility of charging.

“Electric cars are already suitable for everyday use, but manufacturers continue to reduce investment in their technology. As competition increases, the opportunities for new models will only increase. I think we will see a lot more electric cars on the streets in the coming years, ”the racer predicts.

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