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Also Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke on Saturday at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, of a possible solution with Weber and Timmermans. The two had led their party families as top candidates in the European elections – Weber the European People's Party (EPP) and Timmermans the Social Democrats (PES). The European Parliament only wants to accept one of the top candidates as head of the EU Commission.

Merkel said: "In any case, the two top candidates are part of the solution, and that is very important." A conflict with Parliament would probably be avoided. Details did not mention the CDU politicians and made clear that the decision is still pending. Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) said nothing more, but expressed "confident that it could come to an understanding".

Green Europe boss Reinhard Bütikofer welcomed the considerations. "If it really comes to Frans Timmermans Commission President and Manfred Weber Parliament President, that is a good solution from my perspective," said Bütikofer the newspapers of the spark media group (Sunday / Monday). The head of the SPD MEPs in the European Parliament, Jens Geier, told the dpa: "It is encouraging that the top candidate principle is now apparently predominantly accepted."

Above all, the French President Emmanuel Macron is opponents of this principle, according to which only one of the top candidates in the European elections to become head of the European Commission. Macron vehemently opposed the German weaver, although his EPP had become the strongest party in the election. The "Welt am Sonntag" reported that Weber was out of the race for the post of Commission Chief.

As the DPA learned, Weber would probably not only have the option to serve as Parliament Speaker, but could also become First Vice-President of the Commission. The European Commission is similar to a government that proposes legislation and monitors compliance.

Macron said in Osaka, "I think things are progressing." There is consensus among all 28 member states, but they will not be seen until Sunday evening at the EU special summit in Brussels. "I do not know what the others think," Macron said. Timmermans recently had reservations about heads of state and government of some eastern member states. Whether they give up the resistance is unclear.

Söder warns against mutual blockade

For CSU leader Söder the matter is clear: Weber must "receive a leading role in Europe," he said on Saturday after participants in a district party day of the Upper Bavarian CSU in Ingolstadt. The previous demand that Weber should become President of the Commission, Söder said the information is not explicitly – even if this may continue to be the real desire of the CSU.

Söder warned of an "institutional crisis" in the European Union – ie a mutual blockade of the European Council and the European Parliament in the allocation of top offices. "Europe should not be in a circle three times," said the CSU leader, warning that it did not "cause the US, Chinese or Russian presidents to take us more seriously in these times."

There are a total of five top positions: in addition to the Commission and Parliament Presidents, these are the offices of the President of the European Council and of the European Central Bank (ECB), as well as the EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner. They should be filled in a package of men and women, different parties and European regions. Has been arguing for a month.

The Heads of State and Government have the right to propose to the President of the European Commission, the European Parliament must choose the candidate. For a solid majority in Parliament, EPP, Social Democrats, Liberals and Greens must work together. All parties want to be taken into account, with the Greens above all content requirements for the next commission to enforce.

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