In the expert document – serious alarms about the delta variety: the war has changed

The document outlines unpublished data showing that perhaps fully vaccinated people are distributing the delta variant at exactly the same rate as unvaccinated people.

CDC director dr. Rochelle Walenksy confirmed the authenticity of the document. The document was first reported by The Washington Post.

“I think people need to understand that we are not panicking unnecessarily. It’s serious, ”she told CNN. – It is one of the most contagious known viruses. Measles, chickenpox, delta variant. They are in the same category in terms of infectivity. “

On Friday, the CDC plans to release data that will support the much-debated dr. Mr Walenksy’s decision to change the recommendations for people who have been completely vaccinated.

She said on Tuesday that the CDC recommends that even fully vaccinated people wear protective face masks indoors with prolonged or high viral transmission.

The CDC slide set states that the infectivity of the delta variant is practically equivalent to chickenpox, with one infected person infecting another eight or nine on average. The initial variant of coronavirus was similar to the cold virus in terms of infectivity, with one person on average injuring two people. This infectivity is called R0.

“When it comes to diseases with an R0 of eight or nine, there aren’t that many,” CNN explained. R. Walensky.

If vaccinated people still become infected, they have the same number of virus particles as unvaccinated people. This means that vaccinated people can infect others in the same way as infected unvaccinated people, CNN writes.

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“The key conclusion is that, unlike other strains of coronavirus, vaccinated people, even if they do not develop COVID-19, still become infected and spread the delta variant at a similar rate as infected unvaccinated people,” CNN told Dr. Walter Orenstein, head of the Emory Vaccine Center.

Still, the document states that vaccinated people are significantly safer.

“Vaccines prevent more than 90 percent. cases of severe disease, but may be less effective in protecting against infection or transmission, it says. “Thus, despite vaccination, a greater spread of the delta strain in communities is likely.”

The document also notes that vaccines reduce the risk of severe illness or death by 10 times and the risk of infection by three times.

The slide set also cites three reports showing that the delta strain, also known as B.1.617.2, possibly results in a more severe form of COVID-19.

The CDC proposes “acknowledging that the war has changed” and recommends introducing a requirement for vaccination and requiring everyone to wear face masks.

The virus is rampant again in the United States, especially in areas where fewer people have been vaccinated.

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