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Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, Take-Two bought Xingjia, SONY bought Bungie, and Embracer Group bought various studios. Facing the reshuffle of the game industry, Ubisoft executives were asked by investors in the third quarter earnings meeting today. Speaking of whether it wants to acquire other studios, or has plans to be acquired, Ubisoft leadership remains adamant that it has no interest at the moment.

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Ubisoft is well aware that investors will ask this question. So the earnings report used a full page detailing the growth of the company’s games. To put it simply, Ubisoft wants investors to understand that the company is growing steadily, rather than expanding by spending money to acquire other companies. Lancy’s games, there are many exclusive technologies, etc., ironically, there is also the company culture and organizational structure.

It’s worth pointing out that most of these are not acquired by Ubisoft by acquiring other large companies, but Ubisoft is not completely without acquisitions, just relatively small. In recent years, Ubisoft has acquired mobile game publisher Green Panda Games, developer Blue Mammoth, and mobile game developer Kolibri Games.

All these discussions about how valuable and successful Ubisoft is also raises another question. If Ubisoft is so valuable, isn’t now the perfect time to sell the company?

CEO Yves Guillemot cautiously replied to the above question: “Ubisoft can remain independent…Our IP is sought after by the world’s largest entertainment and technology companies. Having said that, if someone proposes a takeover proposal, in the interest of all investors, of course the board will also Review carefully.”

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