In the JBR show, Gudelis revealed the amount received from the FIBA ​​Champions League and the lost income due to the pandemic

This week, the chairman of the club’s board visited the JBR show dedicated to the current issues of Vilnius Rytas Darius Gudelis and Founder of the Capital Basketball School (SKM) Andrius Cherries.

“There have been disagreements between Vilnius basketball schools in recent years. The transition of young talent from one school to another has caused resentment. There was also a dispute over the division of halls where ERM had an advantage over SKM. It is gratifying that now we are all sitting at the same table and mobilizing the Vilnius basketball community, which has not been the case so far, ”D. Gudelis was pleased with the establishment of the Rytas Council.

“It all started when Gudel wrote me a message and asked why I didn’t like it so much. We met, took a walk and made claims to each other. That’s how the joint work started, “said A. Čerškus.

“We will hand over 4.5 parts of SKM to the school. The new proportions of the parts, which will be 40, will turn into 9 parts. This is not a sale, but a transfer. The goal is to gather and unite Vilnius basketball, “said D. Gudelis.

“A lot of people say that 50 thousand. the amount is not large, but for us it is certainly a large amount, because now only children from the age of one can play sports. We believe that this investment will give a great return in the future, when our talents will have the opportunity to show themselves in the “Morning” team. We had a hard time saving and collecting that money, “A. Čerškus did not hide.

“Our first trip should be to the ALBA team in Berlin. We have to learn from them how to work with the youth system and how a team from the European Cup has become a Euroleague club, ”said A.Čerškus.

“We have not received 1.7 million in two years due to the pandemic. income is therefore not easy to maintain. We need to spend as much as we earn, we need to invest in the community and the brand, and then the results will come. Our contract with the FIBA ​​Champions League is very useful and promising in financial terms. For the first time in history, there are very clear criteria in Europe for how much money can be obtained. Now we have received about 500 thousand. euros. In this situation, it is a significant amount, “D. Gudelis revealed.

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