In the King Tears beer they flow with Mia Julia - because Ballermann's star is so sad

In the King Tears beer they flow with Mia Julia – because Ballermann's star is so sad

on 23.10.2018 at 7:40

Mia Julia Brückner during her performance at the Bremen Olé.

Photo: Chris Emil Janssen / imago / Chris Emil Janssen

  • Mia Julia is actually responsible for a good mood on Ballermann
  • Now she burst into tears on the stage
  • The record company does not allow them to publish new songs

The king of beer on Malle – epicenter of good humor, center of alcoholic exuberance. Who comes here, comes to drink and who drinks here, usually does not do anything else. This includes: party music. The star of the former sex Mia Julia Brückner (31) is at the top with her successes and a regular guest in Bierkönig.

But at the end of the season, the thirty-one year old not only breathed his hits like "Oh Baby", "Schnaxeln (The Duet)" and "Naked is cool" in the microphone – but he also left the hard bang with his opponents on the stack .

Precarious situation: Mia Julia is trapped

"There are some people who continue to shit and this annoys me because they do not allow us to have fun", summarizes his precarious situation on the stage of the entertainment center of Mallorca – the video is "" before.


• "The farmer is looking for a wife": because the first woman leaves the farm directly

• "Nude attraction" on RTL2: the porn actress has to choose a penis – THIS detail is particularly important for her

• Rammstein-Mietärger: That's why a woman from Berlin is now showing Sophia Thomalla


One of the reasons for many criticisms is that they simply do not produce any new box office hits: "Mia Julia, no new song, she will not let the party shake," they say. The problem: the hands of the artist are bound, his visions for his musical work fail because of a difficult contract of 31 years with the record label.

Low flight instead of career: "As if my wings were glued"

"I feel a bit like my wings are blocked together by tar And snot And fuck." He could not work "free as an artist and make music, my record company will not release me".

She does not care about fame – something she has already addressed in detail in her song "Shit on Schickimicki". Every day he hears lies: "I just want to have fun". She must also cry, on the stage of the king of beer.

I hope in a miserable life

But in misery there is a ray of hope. At the end of the emotional speech, Mia Julia brings her partner Peter on stage. Hugs, life can also be beautiful. Perhaps Mia Julia, formerly My Magma, after all, will soon have the opportunity to work musically through her misery, but also these good times. (Ses)


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