In the middle of the desert, take a peek at the appearance of the Pertamina project in Algeria, Jakarta – Pertamina Internasional EP (PIEP) through its subsidiary Pertamina Algeria EP has completed phase 4 development drilling at the Menzel Ledjmet Nord (MLN) field Block 405A, Algeria.

This phase 4 project was implemented with the aim of maximizing the potential of the MLN Algeria field, where currently the project has completed a workover of 15 wells. In addition, the company has also completed 12 wells from drilling the last well, namely MLC-9P, which was completed on March 17, 2020. The well is projected to reach peak production in 2021.

With the completion of the 12th well (MLC-9P), the entire scope of development drilling and MLN phase 4 workover has been completed. It was marked by Ceremonial Drilling Accomplishment by the PIEP management line.

President Director Pertamina International Exploration Production John Anis said that this settlement shows Pertamina’s commitment to the environment around the working area.

“When compared with other oil and gas industry activities in Algeria, in general, until now they still use diesel as the basic material for drilling fluids, which of course will have a negative impact on the environment,” he said in a written statement, Saturday (29/8/2020).

On this occasion, it was conveyed that this activity was a major milestone for Pertamina, where this was the company’s first drilling operation carried out at an overseas as a field operator.

The drilling team, which consists of PIEP Jakarta Head Office staff, who directly operates the drilling and workover activities, has succeeded in making efficiency and synergy within the Pertamina Group.

The success of this achievement is supported by cost efficiency and drilling time from the AFE (Authorized Financial Expenditure) target of USD 14 million per well for 55 days.

Then, Pertamina International EP, as the holder of field management authority, is able to perform an efficiency of 8.5-10 million per well for 35-45 days per well. So that the total savings for workover and drilling efficiency is estimated at USD 100 million.

In addition, PIEP has also succeeded in implementing synergy by using SF-05 as the basic material for drilling fluid for the 10th well (MLNW-12) and the 12th well (MLC-9). These two wells use SF-05 and have succeeded in providing better drilling performance and of course providing better environmental impact as well.


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