Entertainment In the midst of a pandemic, Alejandro Fernández's daughter...

In the midst of a pandemic, Alejandro Fernández’s daughter married and so was the wedding

Camila Fernandez, one of the twins that the singer had Alejandro Fernández with his ex-wife America Guinart, got married in the middle of the pandemic because coronavirus (COVID-19).

The young woman gave the “yes” a Francisco Barba after nine months of dating in a ceremony where his closest family and friends were due to the situation caused by the virus.

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The wedding, which was in the charro style, was held in Zapopan, Jalisco, Guadalajara, whose guests who attended the church were all wearing masks and taking the required biosecurity measures.

Some media arrived at the place that recorded images of the intimate and romantic moment, where they managed to capture the arrival of the groom, who arrived on horseback and girlfriend, who had a little delay, because his vehicle did not arrive on time, being accompanied by her father, who with masks took her to the altar and was a little nostalgic.

Later, they held a big celebration where the newlyweds made their traditional couple dance and in which they were very happy and in love with this new stage in their lives.

For his part, the singer was not far behind and also starred in a dance with his daughter.

Likewise, there was a lot of ranchera music, where without a doubt, the singer Alejandro Fernández was shown singing.

Thousands of fans noticed the clear absence of the great Vicente Fernandez, Camila’s grandfather, but according to what some media detailed, apparently, the artist was not in the church, but was present at the celebration, although it is not possible to see in any of the leaked publications.

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