In the midst of chaos, Facebook loses Mark Cuck, Mark Zuckerberg's lieutenant


Facebook's product manager, Chris Cox, announced his departure on March 14, 2019. – Sunday Alamba / AP / SIPA

New blow for Facebook. Threatened by several investigations, a fine record e
a break that has interrupted its services, the company will have to do without its product manager, Chris Cox, who announced Thursday that he will leave his post after more than 13 years with Mark Zuckerberg. If Sheryl Sandberg is the official group number 2, Chris Cox, one of the first engineers recruited by Facebook in 2005, who supervised the four main apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger), was number 3.

Mark Zuckerberg expressed his "sadness" and also announced the departure of Chris Daniels, who supervised WhatsApp after the departure of his two co-founders. Among the nominations, the social network announced the arrival of Will Cathcart at the head of WhatsApp, and that of Fiji Simo at the controller of the Facebook application, until now responsible for video, video games and monetization at the # 39 ; internal network.

"A new chapter"

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced an important review of Facebook services, with a "pin" on messaging privacy, to the detriment of the public social network. "We wanted an enthusiastic leader of this new direction," writes Chris Cox, implying that it was not.

Mark Zuckerberg says his lieutenant wanted to leave for a while. "But after 2016, we realized that we had a lot of work to do to improve our products for the company, and it remained to help us in this mission." "The history of social networks has not yet been written and their effects are not neutral. We must understand their impact – positive and negative – and work to incline the balance towards good. This is our greatest responsibility", agrees Cox.

Propagation of false news and hatred, unscrupulous management of personal data … Facebook moves from controversy to scandal. After the case Cambridge Analytica, another survey on sharing personal data with other technology groups was opened, revealed the New York Times Wednesday. According to Washington Post, the company is currently negotiating with US authorities and could be fined several billion dollars.


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