In the Netherlands, riots have protested against the restrictions, with at least 21 people detained per day

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rite strongly condemned the violent protests of recent days on Monday, saying it was “a pure explosion of violence under the guise of demonstrations”.

The riots have already taken place in the Netherlands for four nights in a row, but police said the situation had subsided.

Last night, small groups of protesters caused riots in Zwolle, Groningen and Rosendal, but the violence did not reach the scale of the weekend in the big cities.

Police in Zwolle declared a state of emergency to prevent the riots and detained 13 people.

The suspects were detained for non-compliance with police orders because firecrackers were found or they did not carry identity documents, the broadcaster RTL reported.

Eight people were detained last night in Rosendal, including three for burning, ANP reported.

Police also dispersed youth gangs in Groningen, RTL reported.

More than 150 people have been detained so far in protests against the quarantine measures, which took effect on 13 November.

The riots began on Friday in Rotterdam, where police opened fire on protesters who stoned law enforcement officers. As a result, four people were shot dead.

Demonstrations took place in The Hague on Saturday, where, after dark, demonstrators stoned police officers with stones and firecrackers, while police used water jets to extinguish a burning pile of bicycles at an intersection. Five police officers were injured in the collisions.

Rite said on Monday that he understood the tensions in society as the pandemic lasted, but would never accept “that idiots use pure violence against relief and emergency services with an excuse they are unhappy with.”

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The rolling government has warned that even stricter restrictions could be introduced if current measures do not lead to a reduction in the number of cases.

In the Netherlands, bars, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets are currently part-time and people are encouraged to work from home.

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