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The formula is famous, which gives it all the virtues. This does not prevent this unfortunate animal from being, erroneously, the object of rejection.

It is said dirty, rude, to love nothing so much to roll in the mud, snorting in the mud, scouring with the nose in the garbage, screaming, growling, grumbling, grumbling, while devouring beautiful peelings of teeth and all that is offered … every case, as Alexandre Dumas presents it in his great Dictionary of cuisine, taking up this unmistakable judgment of Grimod de La Reynière: "He's the king of dirty animals!".

Certainly, afterwards, Dumas can well celebrate this animal "The empire is the most universal and least controversial quality"why "Without him, without bacon and then without cooking, without him, without ham, without sausage, without andouillilles, without black pudding, and consequently without meat …" It does not prevent. The evil is done and the bad reputation sticks to the bristles. To the point that some religions have declared it unclean.

And yet, those who can not feast on hotpot, sauerkraut, small salt (lentils or cabbage!) …; in roast, in sausages, in pudding, paté, rillettes, ham or cooked; grilled and grilled ribs, marinated loin, candied chest … Or even in this bistro dish that melts, inexpensive and yet a rare delicacy. After a disappearance, this dish was so popular at the end of the nineteenthis century and the beginning of the twentiethis it is delightfully given in honor at the beginning of the third millennium. These braised cheeks, a surprise!

Didier Méreuze


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