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At the Gare du Nord in Paris in October 2016
At the Gare du Nord, in Paris, in October 2016, Photo Christophe Recoura

It is 4:45 pm In December, the night begins to fall in Boutigny, in the south of Essonne. Isabelle, supervisor, about fifty, is in the return RER. "I took my afternoon, see what time I get home! When all is well, I have two hours of travel to my house from my work in Seine-Saint-Denis, four hours of RER return at least during the day. they will add a game! "

"They" are the decision-makers of the RER D line: the SNCF and its organizing transport authority, Ile-de-France Mobilités, an offshoot of the Ile-de-France region. "They" have made the choice of a major reorganization, starting on Sunday 9 December, the busiest lines of the Paris region, and the worst point of the five RER in the capital region. To treat the sick, it was decided to "detach" the direct trains to Paris on three parts of the line after Corbeil, forcing about 9,000 travelers to a forced match, including Isabelle.

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It must be said that there is an urgent need to save the galériens from everyday life. The RER D, with its 194 km of tracks that cross the Ile-de-France from north to south, is in pain. According to the latest report (dated November) on the regularity of transport in Ile-de-France, 18% of the RER line D is more than five minutes late.

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The situation reached catastrophic levels in the southern part of the line, so complex with its five bifurcations and the railway junction around Corbeil-Essonnes. There, you can be sure that in one train in three, the trip will not take place as planned. And you're lucky if your RER rolls. In fact, 10% of trains in this area are regularly removed.

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So much for the statistics. A simple walk along the line around Corbeil-Essonnes on Friday evening probably gives a better idea of ​​the problems than the most spectacular numbers. On this day, we have an angry rally, but a "personal accident" takes us forty-five minutes late and, above all, makes us experience the "RER D".

"We are provincialized"

There is this father, in Evry, with his stroller, which sees, incredibly, his fifth train suppressed in a row; this lady who was surprised and had to wait two hours in the small station of Ballancourt for her return to Paris; and then all these sighs of users, who raise their eyes to the sky, these grumbled insults, which testify to an ordinary downfall. "One day I saw a woman crying in tears on Juvisy's pier, says one of these commuter adventurers. He had a crucial meeting in Paris for his future. He could not go there. "


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