In the Rostov region schoolchildren beat a new student. Police are checking – RAIN TV Channel


In Novoshakhtinsk, in the Rostov region, teenagers beat a 14-year-old boy who had gone to school four days before. It is reported by the regional edition of "".

The injured schoolboy moved to Novoshakhtinsk from the Voronezh region. At the end of November, he started studying at school number 40. On 29 November he was beaten by students of a parallel class. According to the source of the publication in the order, the cause of the conflict could be that the boy insulted one of the students, and complained about this with his classmates.

As he writes "", after the lessons they called the teenager "to talk", which ended in a beating. The accident was filmed. Show how two guys kick the other with their feet, one of them jumps overhead. Subsequently, the victim was admitted to hospital, he was diagnosed with a head injury. Now he is in the surgery department. The press service of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Rostov reported that they are monitoring the incident.

The school said that the teenagers who had beaten the boy were interviewed and "made conclusions". "" without reference to the source of information writes that a criminal case was brought against one of them in the summer because of alcohol theft. Parents of teenagers summoned to school.



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