In the selection of the World Championship, the Lithuanians did not equal the Romanian national team

In the dynamic match, both teams did not shy away from hitting the goal, but the goal was only achieved by the Romanian attempts. Rimantė Jonušaitė and Liucija Vaitukaitytė scored in the first half. Along with Lukyančuke, he also had to work actively to protect the Lithuanian gate from attacks by Romanian leaders.

The opponents managed to score the first goal after realizing the penalty. The referee saw Simona Petravičienė’s foul against Štefania Vatafu in the 22nd minute, and Mihaela Ciolacu scored from the 11-meter mark.

The home side worked their way through the middle and almost got one back when Ioanos Bortan tried to sneak the ball past the keeper. However, three minutes later, Laura Rus took advantage of the turmoil at the Lithuanian gate and doubled the Romanian lead.

Rimantė Jonušaitė, Ugnė Lazdauskaitė, Liucija Vaitukaitytė and Simona Petravičienė performed long shots in the second half, but A. Paraluca reacted appropriately to all the moments. The Romans made no effort as they put themselves ahead after 76 minutes.

The next match of Group G will be played by the Lithuanian national women’s team on October 26 at the LFF stadium against the Italian national team.

Match statistics: Romania – Lithuania 3: 0 (2: 0)

FRF Football Center 1st Court, referee – Sandra Bastos (Portugal)

Goals: 24 min. from the penalty Mihaela Ciolacu, 36 and 76 min. Laura Rus (Romania)

Warning: 62 min. Vestina Neverdauskaitė (Lithuania)

Lithuanian national team: Greta Lukjančukė, Algimantė Mikutaitė, Milda Liužinaitė, Monika Piesliakaitė, Vestina Neverdauskaitė (68 min. Paulina Sarkanaitė), Oksana Imanalijeva (68 min. Loreta Rogačiova), Simona Petravičienė, Liucija Dovite Monika Grikšaitė), Rimantė Jonušaitė (68 min. Anika Kyžaitė). In stock: Klaudija Savickaitė, Meda Šeškutė, Gabija Toropovaitė, Greta Valikonienė, Tereza Romanovskaja, Vitalija Žatkina, Lolita Žižytė, Karilė Liužinaitė.

Last week, the Lithuanian national team started the selection for the 2023 Planet Championship in Tuno against one of the Group G favorites – the Swiss team. Last Friday, the Lithuanians lost to their opponents 1: 4.

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Video of the match Romania – Lithuania:

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