In the Spanish championship, Real did not regret the rivals

Real Madrid (2/0) team won an easy victory in the Spanish championship and away 86:58 (21:14, 17:16, 26:14, 22:14) wiped out the Morabanc (0/2) club in Andorra.

Walter Tavares added 15 points to the victory (7th chamber), 12 – Adam Hanga (3/4 trit.) And Guerschon Yabusel (6th division), 10 – Nigel Williams-Goss, 8 – Vincent Poirier ( 10 atoms).

Moussa Diagne scored 10 points for the Andorran team, 8 – Clevin Hannah (4 res.) And Sergi Garcia, 7 – David Jelinek.

Real will start the Euroleague season with a match with Istanbul’s Anadolu Efes on September 30.

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