In the summer, Marijonas Mikutavičius talked about her plans for her future wedding

However, for some time now M. Mikutavičius has been a loving and beloved father raising his son together with the charming designer Ieva Daugirdaitė.

Visiting TV3 on the showGood evening show“The famous man also spoke about other important stages of life that await them in the future. True, this time the show will be more witty than ever – the viewers will have to choose for themselves where Marijonas and Justinas Jankevičius jokes, and where he tells the truth, TV3’s press release says.

Not everyone knows, but during his concerts, M. Mikutavičius sometimes offers to marry couples in love. J. Jankevičius, the host of the show, once witnessed such a wedding. Still, no matter how requested, Marijon chose another pair for such marriages.

The theme of the wedding will force Marijon herself to share recognition. “I’m not married yet, but we’re going to,” he smiled.

M. Mikutavičius, who was engaged to I. Daugirdaitė in the summer, revealed that although many of them choose the hosts of the evening very responsibly for this celebration, the latter could not be present in the wedding of his own dreams.

“I think I don’t need a wedding all the time,” he said, but later gave in to Jankevičius saying that if he changed his mind, he would only like to see Justin in this role.

In this way, a brilliant idea was born for the host of the show – he could marry Marijonas’ wedding, and the latter, in exchange for it, would organize a concert performance at Justin’s celebration. The singer immediately asked when Justin was going to get married then? But instead of answering, he only got a witty joke: “And what’s the difference to you? When I do, then I sing, beautiful. ”

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Dijora was also forced to share an unexpected confession on the topic of love and wedding. Is the girl already dreaming of becoming a fiancé?

However, these are not the only open confessions on this Wednesday’s show. In the absence of humor, M. Mikutavičius and J. Jankevičius told about their past works. The latter is extremely intriguing. Few people also know that Marijon has previously worked in a men’s magazine…

Does M. Mikutavičius visit a sorcerer? How does it feel to hear your work “Three Millions”? Finally, will he be able to beat the hosts in the musical game?

The answers to these questions are already tonight at 7.30 pm. on the show “Good Evening Show” on TV3.

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