In the UN Security Council – Zelensky’s rebuttal to the Russian representative with a frown

V. Zelensky called on the UN to punish Russia. The Russian representative was irritated by the address of the Ukrainian president.

Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, said it was not a platform for the Ukrainian president’s public relations campaign to seek new arms shipments.

“I urge you to use leverage, it is necessary to deprive Russia of the opportunity to manipulate the UN.” It is necessary to show that Russia could not remain in the UN Security Council as long as its terror continues. It is necessary to set up a tribunal to investigate everything that Russian soldiers did to the Ukrainians. And it is necessary to provide a legal definition of state terrorism at the UN level.

All Russia’s actions must be assessed legally,” Ukrainian President V. Zelenskiy said in his speech.

Lyudmila lost hope of seeing her daughter near one of the hospitals. 21-year-old Tatjana worked in a shopping mall’s mobile phone store.

“We have visited all the hospitals, she is not there, we have been to the morgue, but the DNA of the deceased has not yet been determined. Russia, animals,” she said.

The rescuers are frantically trying to find the survivors, the search is complicated by air-raid sirens sounding almost every hour. Some people managed to get out of the bombed-up mall in time.

In a park in the city, people start to disperse after hearing the sirens. The shock wave even reached the park located almost half a kilometer away from the mall. It is so strong that it knocks people to the ground. Debris begins to fall into the park.

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Rescuers’ hopes of finding survivors are fading every minute – they know that people trapped under the heavy debris had little chance of survival when the fire started.

“The temperature is very high, the roof structures are very heavy. I am afraid that no one managed to escape alive”, said one of the rescuers.

Survivors being treated at the hospital thank fate for being near the exit.

“For two minutes there was darkness in my eyes, a black tunnel, smoke, fire, I started to crawl, I saw the sun. And my brain told me to save myself. When I turned around, everything was already on fire. Blast wave I was thrown under the car, injured by shrapnel from the rocket. Thank God that I stayed alive,” said one of the survivors.

In the UN Security Council - Zelensky's rebuttal to the Russian representative with a frown

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov only reiterated the version that the mall caught fire after a Russian strike on a Western weapons depot.

“Due to the detonation of the ammunition, the nearby empty shopping center caught fire. So, I say, the more arms are supplied to prolong the conflict, the more tasks we will complete. These tasks will be implemented,” said the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is no longer allowing Russia to lie – he released a video of the attack on the shopping center. It shows a rocket over 12 meters long falling on a building.

“I want to end my speech with one of the proofs of Russia’s crimes – so that no one dares to lie about the rocket hitting the shopping center in Kremenchuk. A Russian missile deliberately hit this object. Obviously, that was the order. They wanted to kill as many people as possible in a quiet town, a normal shopping center. That’s how it was,” said V. Zelenskis.

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