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In the United States it announced the possible destruction of the second Iranian drone

The central command reported that there may be several drones. Americans have no evidence of drone elimination

Kenneth Mackenzie

(Photo: Alex Brandon / AP)

Head of US Central Command (CENTCOM), General Kenneth Mackenzie, in an interview with the TV channel News from CBS He admitted that last week the Americans managed to shoot down not one but two Iranian "or even more" Iranian drones.

"We think there were two. It could be more, but we're not sure. We are fully confident that we have killed one, but we do not exclude the destruction of the second drone, "said Mackenzie.

CBS explains the general's words that the drone's destruction was not used as a rocket and electronic radiation, which deprives drone owners of the ability to control it. It is known precisely that a drone fell after the one in the waters of the Strait of Hormuz. As for the second, presumably it could disappear from the radar screen, but it is not clear if it fell or not.

The reason for the destruction of the drone was the fact that he approached the American ship Boxer, capable of carrying around 30 aircraft, as well as helicopters and other military equipment.

The drone shot down on Thursday told US President Donald Trump. He reported that the drone had ignored the warning signs and threatened the safety of the Navy ship and its crew.

In Tehran, Trump's words were not confirmed. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said he knew nothing about the crashed drone.

On June 20, Iran reported that an American reconnaissance drone had been shot down. According to Tehran, it has invaded the country's airspace. The United States responded by saying that the drone was shot down in international airspace. In response to the destruction of the drone, US President Donald Trump first ordered a missile attack against Iran, but at the last minute stopped its execution. As the head of state explained, killing 150 people would be a disproportionate response to the downed drone.

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