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Antonio Char explained Friday the reasons for Suarez's departure. He said that Luis Grau will be in charge of the team for the time being.

The president of the Junior, Antonio Char, explained yesterday the reasons for the decision to dismiss Luis Fernando Suárez as coach of the rojiblanco team. The leader was clear in ensuring that the team's football performances were not the best and this led to the start of the Antioquia coach.

"The sports performance of the team does not improve. We believe that in a job done in an institution like Junior, sports performance should increase over time, and this is not happening," the leader said in a short press conference at the offices of the Olympic Group. .

Char reiterated that there was a "non-compliance" with the performances that Junior showed on the field.

"We limit ourselves to what happens in the presentations of the team. It was really a non-compliance with the performances we have seen and we believe that it is not suitable for Junior's payroll," he added.

The president has been dismissed for the moment from the main candidate Julio Comesaña to replace Luis Fernando Suarez and has declared that Luis Grau will be responsible of the team in "indefinite" way.

In the same way he announced the profile he wants of the new coach.

"There are six games left at home. We believe we can get a new coach who meets all the conditions. Mainly to do a job that can improve the group's performance and the team has another soccer show. In principle, Professor Grau is in charge of the permanent team, not a date we have determined, "concluded the coach of the Atletico.

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