In the video | Yoselin Peña Castillo, the junior who became viral at Pascual Guerrero


The 23-year-old Barranquillera was advised by the police to change the rojiblanco shirt, she agreed, but he showed her back to the western gallery where she received every kind of aggression from Red Devils fans. He ended up in a patrol.

For Yoselin Yulieth Peña Castillo nothing stops her when it comes to showing her love to the Junior of Barranquilla.

This 23-year-old woman did not miss the chance to go to encourage Atletico's team at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in the game against América de Cali on Sunday.

Yoselin, who was born in Barranquilla, but who moved to Santa Marta two months after his birth, participated in the stadium wearing the jersey of the Junior and celebrated the 1-0 triumph surrounded by fans of the scarlet group, who 39. Insulted, they threw them objects and tried to make life impossible in the middle of the stage, but did not give up and remained still, encouraging the Junior.

Yocelin spoke with EL HERALDO and had details like this experience that was captured in a video that recorded and became viral on social networks.

"Having been in Cali for two months, I knew about this game and I told myself that I had to go to that game between America and Junior, I bought the western runoff on the first floor where you had good people and obviously they would not hurt me When I arrived at the stadium the police contacted me and told me to take off my shirt, I did, but as soon as I entered the stadium I put on Junior's shirt again.First I heard insults. he started playing well, with his arrivals and auctions, people insulted me more, but I screamed more.The objects were thrown at me, the police had to get in front of me so that I do not I was the only junior with a t-shirt in the stadium, "said the shark follower emotionally and on the phone.

"Before I heard insults, Junior started to play well, with his arrivals and auctions, people insulted me more, but I screamed more.



Before starting the game and motivated by the great atmosphere lived in the stadium, he decided to take his cell phone and record a video surrounded by all the American fans.

"They told me everything and offended." When people started shouting offenses, everyone started shouting in my ears and at that moment I pulled out my cell phone and started recording, that was before the game. inside the stadium I said that from here we got the three points and there they threw me water and things.When June did the goal I screamed until no more, I said I love you Teo, let's go Guajiro, Sambueza ago the goal and the more I stopped to scream like crazy and they told me to shut up, they threw me peanuts, soda caps, beers, the police treated me badly, they said rude things to me, they wanted me to take off my shirt and I said no, they took me out in the middle of the second half, I felt like a hero with this company and I released the video, "added the company's administrator.

Yocelín also experienced a trauma to leave the stadium, but in the end he became happy because he was able to see and greet the players of his beloved Junior.

"The police had to knot me out of the stadium and put me in a police van, and at that moment people were coming from America in droves." Esmad had to escort the truck because The knives pulled me out, they told me they wanted to damage my shirt, after which they took me to the prison and put me in another tank with five other Junior fans, at which time the players were passing and I greeted Chunga and James Sanchez and others, but the police did not allow me to get so close, "he concluded.

Yocelin Peña Castillo had a fright in Pascual Guerrero, but he dared to challenge the fans of America and now more than ever he is convinced to accompany the Junior in every stadium he plays.



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