In the West Bank, Jewish colonists attack Palestinian village after Israeli attack

Jewish colonists in the occupied West Bank attacked a Palestinian village on Monday night, May 3, Palestinian officials and Israeli human rights defenders reported.

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The incident is thought to be a reaction to an attack in which three Israelis were shot dead from a passing car at a crossroads south of Nablus on Sunday, May 2.

The Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem reports that the village of Jaluda has been attacked by dozens of settlers.

Israeli security forces have detained 11 Palestinians, but four people have been injured by rubber bullets, B’Tselem reports.

A Palestinian official in charge of monitoring Jewish colonial settlements, meanwhile, said the villagers had tried to defend themselves against the colonist attack.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army reports that the colonists and Palestinians have stoned each other and that fire has been set on fire in several places near the village bushes.

Meanwhile, during the Israeli army raid on Sunday night, clashes with Palestinians also broke out in the village of Beita. The Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health reports that the Israeli army has used combat ammunition to injure five Palestinians.

The army, meanwhile, reports that soldiers have entered the village in search of those who attacked at the crossroads near Nablus. The Palestinians have started throwing stones and fireballs at the soldiers, to which the soldiers responded by opening fire.

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