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Infinite Halo It gave a lot to talk about in recent months not only because of its delay, but also because of the rumors that revolved around its multiplayer. One of those that generated the most noise was the one that indicated the possibility of the title having a release after the base game. The game’s managers denied it, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer didn’t rule out the possibility today.

The top manager of Xbox had the opportunity to speak with the medium Kotaku and in the interview he took the opportunity to touch on different topics. One of the ones he addressed was about the multiplayer of Infinite Halo. In the talk, Spencer was asked about the possibility that the multiplayer and campaign sections of the expected title would have a separate release in case one finishes its development before the other.

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The multiplayer of Infinite Halo could come before or after the campaign

Spencer’s response was positive. While noting that Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 industries, and the rest of the studio are in charge of these decisions, the manager made it clear that they want to make sure that “people feel they have an experience of auraIn your hands when you play Infinite Halo.

Thus, Spencer mentioned that decisions like this should take into account “the structure of the game and the story it tells”, so he does not rule out these options.

“I think we can consider options like that. So yeah, I think it’s something to think about, but we want to make sure we get it right, “said the coach.

Judging by Spencer’s responses, this possible separate launch of the multiplayer section could happen before or after the campaign, so players could first test the experience with other players, something unusual, but interesting and entertaining. fans while polishing the campaign.

What do you think of Spencer’s answer? Do you think it would be a good idea for multiplayer to arrive before or after the campaign? Tell us in the comments.

Shortly after rumors of a possible delayed arrival of multiplayer and subsequent denial, Spencer hinted that the multiplayer of Infinite Halo it will be like that of Halo 5.

Infinite Halo It would debut in 2020, along with the launch of Xbox Series X | Yes, but it was delayed until 2021 and will come to Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can find more news related to him if you visit his file.

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