In thong and black top, Cinthia Fernández showed her training to face the quarantine

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March 29, 2020 17:24

The panelist does not abandon her demanding training despite the quarantine and uses the patio of her house to continue with her routine physical activity.

(Photo: Instagram @cinthia_fernandez)

Amid the social isolation ordered by the Government due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cinthia Fernández He continues with his demanding physical training that allows him to have his privileged silhouette. This time, he did it in a very particular way in the patio of his house.

In your personal account Instagram, in which you have a total of 4.4 million followers, shared a video in which she appears performing her exercise routine in a thong and a black top.

The catharsis of Cinthia Fernández in the networks that generated a crack among her followers

“Roberto does the roast yourself… I did this routine: 5 rounds of the following 6 exercises: 5 side squats + squats with each leg, 12 deadlifts. 20 sit-up crunches, 10 hip lifts, 20 oblique crunches and 20 “jump squats,” the panelist wrote alongside the recording made in the morning.

The publication received more than 750 thousand reproductions since she appeared on the model’s profile and thousands of comments from her followers, highlighting both her beauty and her perseverance for training. “Beautiful body”, “You can’t be that perfect. I admire you as a woman and as a mother ”,“ Impeccable beautiful, that you care about Baclini ”, are some of the phrases that can be read together with the publication.

“You disgust me”, Cinthia Fernández liquidated Martín Baclini

Cinthia Fernández’s request to the alleged new girlfriend of Martín Baclini

The artist made an order to the alleged new girlfriend of her ex Martin Baclini: “If the girl comes up to him by press, it is one of them. If she’s using it let him work it out. But there are unnecessary things. If the kid wants to be news, measure it, because it hurts me ”.

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Video: Instagram @cinthia_fernandez

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