In three years there will be no changes to banking rules: AMLO


In a press conference, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said that there will be no changes in bank regulations over the next three years.

He said that lawmakers have the right to analyze the tax and interest reductions imposed by the bank, but that he promised not to make changes to banking rules at least in the first half of his government.

"It has nothing to do with our strategy, it has nothing to do with our priorities [… no vamos nosotros a hacer ninguna modificación al marco legal que tiene que ver con lo económico, con lo financiero, con lo fiscal en esta primera etapa de gobierno, y para ser más precisos: en los primeros tres años ninguna modificación […] I am respectful of the initiatives presented by the legislators, but our policy is not to change the legal framework in relation to the operations of banks and financial institutions, "said López Obrador.

AMLO will present the security plan on Wednesday, November 14th

He said his position had already been raised by the campaign and a few days ago even on a Facebook video. When asked if he would veto a law on the matter, he asked not to go ahead because the initiative was just presented.

He called for an opening to discuss all the problems and calm, to those who question the initiative to reduce taxes and bank interest.

"Some do not want to get used to it, they reject the democratic habit and we have to tell them via telegram, by e-mail that Mexico has changed since the first day of July, and we must act frankly and not be angry. and peace, "he said.

On the subject, Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of the Senators of Morena, rejected that there was a reprimand of López Obrador for presenting this initiative. He announced that the debate will open with all the people involved.

Monreal says that the invoices are not consulted with AMLO

"In the Senate we do not accept anyone's reproach," said Monreal Ávila. He ventured that "in Mexico there is a disproportion in the commissions and in the interests, and for this reason we propose not only moderation but self-containment and a profound revision and we will continue." The initiative was presented yesterday, it is in a process formally, the Finance and Public Credit Committee has been handed over to the Commission and, according to the legislative study, we will open a process of listening and dialogue ".

In other topics, during the press conference, López Obrador said that on Wednesday 14 November he would announce his security plan, which envisages the creation of a national guard.

AMLO appoints the next owners of financial organizations

He also took a position on the relationship with the media and said that they will be "respectful of freedom of expression, zero censorship" […] complete freedom, absolute, without limits. The second, the right to reply back and forth, this is the rule, this is the condition. "

He announced that he would continue to live in his current home until his son Jesús Ernesto finished primary school, and later analyze if he moved to the National Palace or rented a house.

He also revealed that his family will be accompanied by the so-called assistantship, but they will not have stocks.

Finally, it was pronounced because all the investigations were conducted on the death of Valeria Cruz Medel, daughter of the deputy of Morena, Carmen Medel.

(With information by Carmen Jaimes)



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