In Tijuana, Baja California, they will sell land for 100 pesos

Tijuana will sell land for 100 pesos; thus it seeks to generate community spaces. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Illustrative

As it reads, “Tijuana will sell land a 100 pesos”, This was recently announced by authorities of the state of Baja California, the intention is to support citizens and families in vulnerable situations.

Why was it decided to sell land for 100 pesos in Tijuana?

Before the announcement of the sale of land in 100 pesos of Tijuana, Abraham Ávila Delgadillo, general director of the Institute for Real Estate and Housing Development for the state of Baja California, simply (when asked by the media), pointed out that “That big, is the heart of the governor”.

“In adherence to the social policy of the governor, Jaime Bonilla Valdez, INDIVI works historically to support families in vulnerable situations to acquire land to live on.”

INDIVI Baja California

For his part, the state president confirmed the sale of land in 100 pesos of Tijuana, in the presence of dozens of people:

“We have 400 lots already located, 160 meters long, look at what I’m going to tell you, it’s being recorded, I’m going to sell them to you for 100 pesos per land.”

Jaime Bonilla Valdez, Governor of Baja California

It was also revealed that Abraham Avila Delgadillo began the management care and the procedures for the assignment of the 400 lots, which resolves a great social conflict for the Hill of the Bees.

It is thought that the liberation of this area in Tijuana, will generate community spaces, green areas in favor of the inhabitants and therefore a lung for the city. So the INDIVI He pointed out that legal certainty and land tenure is the way.

At the moment it has not been released if there was already a selection of the people who will be able to acquire the sale of land of 100 pesos or even, on what date said spaces could be delivered.


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