In training, Luis Enrique talks to his players via walkie-talkie / International / Spain /

The technology and Spain go hand in hand.

While Roja faces Switzerland this Saturday in Zaragoza, his staff has decided to introduce an innovation in training, in preparation for this League of Nations meeting. In a video broadcast on the networks, we see the band of Sergio Busquets equipped with small speakers, installed on the back of each player and connected to a walkie-talkie in which coach Luis Enrique talks cheerfully.

These loudspeakers allow Enrique and his assistants to give instructions to their foals, a difficult thing aloud in the hubbub of a training session. With this, the former Barça tactician can transmit his analyzes and directives in a more concise way, while moving away from the lawn to thus have a more airy vision of the game. You had to think about it.

The key to winning the World Cup?

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