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In western Germany, he found the place of mass executions of Soviet citizens

In the Arnsberg forest in western Germany, search engines found places where, at the end of the war, hundreds of forced laborers who had been hijacked by the USSR and Poland were killed. Mass executions took place in these places in March 1945.

Soviet workers hijacked in Germany, on their way home, in 1945

(Photo: Tass)

As a result of the excavations in the western part of Germany in the Sauerland region, over 400 objects were found, which testify to the mass executions of the inhabitants of the USSR and Poland at the end of the Second World War. This was reported by the German television channel NTV, with reference to the director of the Regional Union of Westphalia-Lippe Matthias Loeb.

Excavations were carried out in the Arnsberg forest. In these places, according to historians, in March 1945 at least 208 workers exported from Poland and the USSR were shot. The employees of the Waffen-SS and the German army took part in the executions. In total, three sites for mass executions have been established. As WDR writes, citing research participants, the cause of the shootings was that the local Nazi leadership was afraid of losing control over forced laborers.

Workers were evacuated to Sauerland from other regions of the country, in the area where they were expected to be protected from bombing and to save work. The mass graves in the Arnsberg forest were discovered in April 1945, after territory control passed to the United States Army. In 1957 – 1958, six participants in mass executions were condemned by the district court.

In the places where the executions were performed, personal belongings of the victims were found. Among them – shoes, cutlery, remains of clothes, Soviet coins. Most of those killed were women.



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