Iñaki Petxarroman today proposes a debate on ecology and climate at Kultur Etxea

Among the activities that the house of culture proposes for all the residents throughout the month of December, Iñaki Petxarroman arrives there today, at 6.30 pm, to present a new debate on ecology and climate.

Within the dynamic ‘Astintzen’ (shaking current issues and betting on another social model) this talk on climate emergency has been organized for today. With Iñaki Petxarroman, the causes of the climate emergency will be exposed, as well as the consequences and solutions in different directions that are being seen. Among other novelties, this event will be conducted by Martxelo Otamendi.

The debate arrives coinciding with the book ‘Ezezagunerako bidiaia’ by Iñaki Petxarroman himself.

And the fact is that, although interested skepticism has been promoted for a long time, nowadays there is no one who exhaustively denies that the climate is changing or that this change has been generated by the human activity in which we move daily. Among other things, because we are already suffering the consequences of the change that has been talked about so many times.

Here, for example, are extreme weather events, more and more numerous, more and more violent. For its part, biodiversity is being lost faster than ever, while zoonoses, such as Covid-19, and other pandemic risks multiply. Regarding the text, Petxarroman affirms that “the planet has embarked on a journey to Knowledge and, with it, all those who inhabit it today. The journey is irreversible, but there is still time, at least in part, to minimize the bumps that will come along the way and to adapt in the best possible way. However, scientists are not clear in this regard: we have at most a decade to give a resounding shift in the direction of the ship that transports us all.

After speaking with various experts, he offers a lot of information and in a very understandable way, so that travelers are better governed by the climate and ecological crisis.


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