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Inauguration of the new Valais sorting center at La Poste in Vétroz –

The cantonal authorities of Valais and La Poste on Tuesday inaugurated the new regional parcel sorting center in Vétroz (VS). Its construction lasted 22 months and cost around 60 million francs.

Packages sent or left in Valais and in the Chablais Vaudois, as far as Villeneuve, will no longer pass through the national center of Daillens (VD). They will now be processed at the new Valais site in the Vétroz industrial zone.

“This makes it possible to reduce transport times and to process parcels from other centers more quickly,” explains the company. The central geographical location, with a nearby motorway link, spoke in favor of this site, as did the fact that it is an industrial area far from inhabited areas. Logistics, “it’s always a bit noisy,” notes La Poste.

Centralize activities in Valais

This new center brings together the activities and employees of the four logistics sites of Bex, Brigue, Sion and Sierre which have since closed. The president of the Valais government Christophe Darbellay thus welcomed the choice of La Poste, “which makes it possible to maintain and develop work places” in the canton.

The site therefore has some 150 employees, spread over two working hours around a huge machine that looks like a horizontal roller coaster. About forty pairs of hands are activated simultaneously at various locations in the infrastructure to receive and sort up to 8,000 parcels per hour. The roof of the building also has a photovoltaic installation made up of 4,663 panels.

The effects of e-commerce and the pandemic

“This center in Valais represents an important step,” said Stefan Luginbühl, responsible for national and international parcels at the Post Office. Faced with the sharp increase in priority parcels, linked in particular to the boom in online commerce, the establishment of regional centers was necessary.

In 2020, 55% of parcels are sent by A mail against 20% in 2010. In addition, last year, La Poste processed 148 million packages, against 110 million ten years ago.

This increase has been further intensified by the crisis linked to the coronavirus. Since the start of the year, traffic has increased by 22% in the first half of the year.

To meet demand, La Poste has invested more than 190 million francs in new regional parcel centers in Cadenazzo (TI), commissioned in October 2019, Ostermundigen (BE) in operation since March 2020, Vétroz (VS) and Untervaz (GR), scheduled for November 2020.

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