Increase the Investment Package, Enel Green Power is booming in the midst of the spotlight of the Investment Alert Task Force

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.IDEven though Chief Investment Alert Task Force, Togam L Tobing highlight money making apps Enel Green Power ( Enel Green Power ).

Togam L Tobing also appealed to the public not to join in on money-making applications, Enel Green Power ( Enel Green Power ) for suspected fraud.

Highlight Investment Alert Task Force not without reason, because the investment system and its huge profits are called Togam L Tobing implement ponzi schemes and Money Game.

Togam L Tobing also said that the Application Enel Green Power does not yet have a permit even though it promises big profits. Tongam confirms application Enel Green Power does not have a license from any regulator in Indonesia.

Even, Investment Alert Task Force has also discontinued some money-making apps. Togam also asked the public not to participate because it was suspected of fraud.

However, Application Enel Green Power with the name Green Energy in Play Store instead add an investment package. Because, how to join Enel Green Power not hard.
Simply register using an active mobile number, then create a password and enter the number Reference 1034427.

The latest investment package in the form of rental of power plant equipment has increased from C to I, totaling 6 packages.

The size of the package provided attracts the interest of its users. Because, each package provides a profit 10 times the initial capital and is obtained every day by 5 percent.

Liquid Every Day, Enel Green Power Application Increase Bonus for VIP Investment

The profit will be given for 200 days and for 20 days the capital has returned.

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The rest is a profit of 10 times the capital and until now it still continues to pay to its users and withdrawals are still smooth from Monday – Friday at office hours 10.00 – 18.00 WIB.

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