Increased risk of accidents: more paraplegia after approval of electric scooters feared

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More paraplegia after approval of electric scooters feared

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Doctors expect more paraplegia accidents after the Federal Council has approved the approval of e-scooters in road traffic. The boom in e-bikes is reflected in an increasing number of paraplegia.

NAfter the green light of the Federal Council for electric scooters warns a medical company from more accidents with paraplegia. More work is expected, said the first chairman of the German-speaking Medical Society for Paraplegiology (DMGP), Yorck-Bernhard Kalke, the German Press Agency. “I'm glad that e-scooters are not allowed to drive on sidewalks.” That could lead to more serious accidents. Presumably, there are enough older people anyway, who felt young, could now get so-called e-scooters and underestimate the dangers.

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Even the boom of e-bikes is reflected in an increasing number of paraplegia, said Kalke, the medical director of the Ulm Cross-Paraplegic Center. “I'm afraid there will be more, because older gentlemen might underestimate their speed,” added Kalke. In the area of ​​the Bavarian police headquarters in Swabia South / West alone, six e-bike drivers were killed in accidents and 240 were injured in 2018, including two with paraplegia: “Expect this for the whole of Germany!”

140,000 paraplegics in Germany

According to the trauma surgeon, however, there have been more new cases of illness than accidental paraplegia nationwide since 2010 due to the demographic change. Reason: The Germans are getting older, and in the age of more diseases. At the University Hospital Ulm, for example, the average age of paraplegic patients has risen from about 30 to about 60 years in the past 25 years. Also metastases in cancer, osteoporosis and inflammation could lead to paraplegia. Thus, according to Kalke, their total number grows. There are currently about 140,000 paraplegics in Germany.

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