Indecent and irresponsible, the Czech golf star raged. The stick carrier was fired

The stick carrier proved to be extremely irresponsible. “He arrived about twelve minutes before the start, and he still had problems with the documentation. I even told the organizers that I would rather carry my clubs myself than disqualify me for it, “the Czech golfer reminded me of the situation at the beginning of the tournament.

“In the end, he managed to do it a minute before the start, which didn’t help me much to concentrate. And he didn’t help me much during the tournament, “Napolea continued.” I never did it because I don’t want to take people’s jobs, but in the end I fired him after the first day. , “she added.

There is no danger to the Czech player at the end of the tournament. Napoleea was offered a new club carrier, which also housed a golf star. “So, in the end, it’s all great, and I thank her very much for that. I’m already looking forward to the final rounds, “said the 26-year-old golfer soon.

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