Indefensible: Mathieu Baron and Anne-Élisabeth Bossé join Sébastien Delorme

Indefensible is a brand new series which we eagerly await. This one with a star Sebastien Delorme (hence the impatience) and VAT finally unveiled the impressive cast.

Among those who will play alongside the actor, there are among others Anne-Elisabeth Bossé, Matthew Baron, Catherine Renaud, Michel Laperriere, Jean Maheux, Nour Belkhria, Tatiana Zinga Botao, Martin-David Peters, Mikhail Ahooja, Marilyse Bourke and Marie-Eve Perron.

A fiery distribution for the new legal daily!

Wait, that’s not the only good news! The shootings ofIndefensible begin next Monday, February 14.

Remember that the judicial series is an original idea of Me Richard Dubédeveloped with designer and producer Isabel Chevrier. Nadine Bismuthwho is the lead author, leads the team of authors. Pierre Houle and Marc Bisaillon provide script-editing and Stephane Simard sign the achievement.

« For each murder charge, the crime scene is revealed from the point of view of the attacker, the victim and sometimes a witness. When the Defense and the Crown jump into the arena of the Court to confront each other, the viewer discovers all the elements that allow him to play the role of Juror. After hearing it all, what truth will he decide to believe? What will be his verdict “, could we read in a press release.


“Viewers will be transported to the heart of the Lapointe-MacDonald criminal defense firm, which brings together a team of combative lawyers who strongly believe in justice. Endearing and sometimes intense, they form a tight-knit family filled with flaws and endowed with great humanity. As if their own lives depended on it, they do not defend crime but the presumption of innocence”.

Remember that last January, Sébastien Delorme gave details of the new project: I think the key to my character lies in the moments when he pleads in court. I’m in the process of finding out, but his attitude in court sums up his temperament, his thinking, the traps he sets for the Crown attorney, his way of interacting with the judge or his client… L essential of Leo MacDonald is there. The rest remains his human side, which I already know. I find it very important to be believable when my character is at court, that’s what I focus my preparation work on. “, he had mentioned.

« We will discover the implication that his work can have on his life. Accompanying someone who is accused of a crime is tricky. Leo’s character is bright and very upright; he won’t lie to the court. He has a code and ethics to defend his clients. My difficulty is to become a lawyer in a very short time and to be the best in my profession “, he had concluded.

So, it is certain that after having experienced the mourning of the character of Sébastien Delorme in the series District 31, we are very happy to find it in our televisions soon. Especially surrounded by talented actors and talented actresses.

The new legal series Indéfendable will be broadcast next fall, Monday to Thursday, on TVA and TVA+.

And you, are you going to watch it?

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