Indefinite protest at the Moscow Election Committee. Organizers and participants on their police plans and actions


In Moscow the uncoordinated campaign continues for the admission of independent candidates to the Moscow Duma elections. Originally he was in Novopushkinsky square in Moscow, but the participants moved to the building of the electoral committee of the city of Moscow and intend to stay there all night. The protesters are asking for the admission of independent candidates for the Moscow City Duma elections, as well as the president of the Moscow Regional Election Commission, Valentin Gorbunov, should come to them, but he is at the cottage, according to his representative. At the time of publication, the police arrested only one protestor, who was throwing carpets. Rain correspondent Alexey Korostelev spoke with the participants and the organizers of the action about their plans.

Photo: Alexey Korostelev / Rain



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