Independentists and ‘abertzales’ will not attend the swearing-in of Princess Leonor and Sumar gives freedom to his deputies

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The act of swearing in the Constitution of Princess Leonor in her capacity as heir to the Crown will not have the presence of a good part of the political groups that sit in Congress. The Catalan independence groups, ERC and Junts, the abertzales of EH Bildu and the nationalist deputy of the BNG will not attend the ceremony because they understand that the monarchy is an anachronistic institution and thus highlight their republican ideology.

Nor will the entire Sumar parliamentary group, led by the second vice president of the acting Government, Yolanda Díaz, attend. In this case, the formation held a meeting today in which a disparity of opinion was evident regarding the presence in an act that comes to “consecrate the hereditary nature” of the head of State in Spain, a principle that they consider “anachronistic.” “.

In the case of Sumar there will therefore be freedom for its members to decide whether or not to attend. However, it has been agreed that those who have institutional responsibilities, as is the case, for example, of Gerardo Pisarello, member of the Board, the governing body of the Chamber, will attend. Pisarello has confirmed his presence although he has warned that it cannot under any circumstances infer a change in his firm convictions and in his “republican dignity.”

The PNV, for its part, has not anticipated its decision but, unlike groups such as ERC, Junts, Bildu or the BNG, the nationalists do participate, for example, in the round of negotiations that the King opens to designate a candidate for the investiture.

The Chamber of the Chamber is now practically prepared for the solemn event that will be held next Tuesday starting at 11:00 a.m. This morning, a group of workers were preparing the main gallery after having completed the work in the seating area where the usual mobile seats occupied by the 350 deputies have been removed and replaced by 600 narrower, red velvet upholstered chairs. in order to also accommodate senators.

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