Independientes No Neutrales (INN) gave their support to Gabriel Boric for the second round

Through a statement, the Non-Neutral Independent Movement (INN) supported the candidacy of the standard-bearer of Approve Dignity, Gabriel Boric ahead of the second round that will take place on December 19.

“Today our country is in a complex situation given the results of the presidential elections on November 21 ”, says the text.

From the INN they point out that both candidates “have held antagonistic positions with respect to the constituent process From the first moment”.

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They detail that Jose Antonio Kast “Chose to reject the constituent process, considering it convenient to maintain the Constitution of 1980 ″, and that it has subsequently reiterated its “disagreement with the work of the Convention”.

“On the other hand, candidate Boric has expressed his support for the process, being part of the Agreement for Peace and the new constitution ”, says the letter.

Along these lines, the statement explains that “with the current constituent process as a guideline (…) We consider that the candidate Gabriel Boric faces the aspirations indicated ”.

Finally, through the text, the INN calls on citizens “to vote for him in the elections on December 19.”


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