Index – Abroad – Pope Francis at the Gypsy settlement in Košice: it is not easy to overcome prejudices

As before the Index reported it, held on Sunday by Pope Francis in Budapest the closing mass of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress.

After the event, the Holy Father headed to Slovakia, where he first gave a speech in Bratislava on in the courtyard of the presidential palace a Slovak political leaders, diplomatic corps and representatives of civil society.

Pope Francis later visited the slums of Košice, where the public safety in the area is so catastrophic that bus drivers only drive in for a hazard surcharge. His Holiness as part of his journey, he met local Roma, priests and monks living in deep poverty on the outskirts of Luník IX, who are helping to ascend those living in the area.

A Hungarian Courier On Tuesday evening, he published a full Hungarian translation of Pope Francis’ speech in Košice, in which the pope also spoke about the fact that it is not easy to overcome prejudices among Christians.

It’s not easy to appreciate others when we often see an obstacle in them, or enemies who judge without knowing the faces and stories of others.

But listen to what Jesus says in the gospel: “Judge not!” (Matthew 7: 1) The gospel must not be weakened, it must not be diluted. Don’t judge! Christ tells us. However, many times we not only speak unfounded or just because we have heard from others, but we also consider it right to be strict judges of others. We are forgiving to ourselves, strict to others. How often our judgments are more prejudices! And with words we distort the beauty of God’s children who are our brothers and sisters. We must not shrink the other person’s reality into our own prefabricated models, we must not draw schemas on people.


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