Index – Abroad – Viktor Orbán’s ally smiles back at us from Playboy

At least 100,000 Serbian dinars (roughly HUF 330,000) must be paid by those who want to win the Serbian edition of Playboy that was put up for auction in which Aleksandar Vucsic gave an interview. The current president of Serbia was included in the newspaper in 2004.

Urban radical over Belgrade – this is the title of an interview with Aleksandar Vucsic in the Serbian edition of Playboy in 2004. Writer Isidora Bjelica asked twenty questions to the current president of Serbia.

The president posed in a Dionysian style, in bed, in a white, small checkered shirt, writes a Free Hungarian Word citing City Magazine. She holds a grape above her head with one hand, a bowl of fruit in her lap, and a book in her hand. In the cover photo, Vucsics is smiling suspiciously.

The aforementioned issue of Playboy has been put up for auction, and the advertiser writes that “this interview is now considered an incredible, surreal, journalistic rarity.” Those who want to get their hands on this issue of the newspaper will have to reach into their pockets, because the bid starts at 100,000 dinars, which is roughly equivalent to 330,000 forints.