Index – Domestic – A man died during a police operation in VIII. district

A man died in the VIII. on the corner of Baross Street and Szigetvári Street in the district, while the police were just taking action against him – the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) informed MTI.

The police are investigating the incidents in an administrative procedure, and according to their current data, there is no link between the death and the police action.

The BRFK also issued a statement on the case. In it, it was written, in Baross Street, a shirtless man jumped on a patrol car parked in front of him on the roadway. Police tried to justify the visibly confused man, but he resented, so he was handcuffed.

During the action, the unknown suddenly collapsed, so police immediately removed the handcuffs. They began resuscitation, which was carried on by the arriving ambulances, but it was no longer possible to save the man’s life.

BKK drew attention to the fact that due to official action, the affected road section had been closed at Baross Street and Illés Street. Trolleybuses 72M and 83, as well as bus 9, run and several stops are missed.


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