Index – Domestic – Coronavirus: the number of weekend deaths has increased 1.5 times

In Hungary, 1,183 new coronavirus infections were confirmed during the three days of the weekend, increasing the number of identified infections to a total of 821,261 since the beginning of the epidemic. 20 people died, mostly elderly, chronic patients, so the number of deaths rose to 30,171 – it turns out the government information portal from the weekend summary data set. There are 478 patients with coronavirus hospitalized, 71 of whom are on ventilators.

The number of people cured is constantly increasing, currently 783,167 people, and the number of active infected people is 7,923.

As for the vaccination campaign, the number of vaccinees was 5,879,178, of which 5,630,587 had already received the second vaccination, and 714,000 had already received the third vaccination.

The weekend data is the operational strain since May 25 without daily breakdown. One a week ago from Friday to Sunday, 1,072 new infections were identified and 13 patients lost their lives in the disease.


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