Index – Domestic – Gergely Gulyás also announced the fourth vaccination and quarantine obligation

Gergely Gulyás started Thursday prospectusthat the epidemic was the first issue to be addressed at Wednesday’s government meeting. A significant proportion of infections are caused by the omicron variant, with the minister saying the number of cases is likely to rise more than ever in the coming days and weeks, but it is hoped that this will not bring the same proportion of hospital admissions and deaths. because omicron may cause less severe symptoms, mainly respiratory disease.

There will be a vaccination card from the protection card

Gergely Gulyás announced:

  • The protection card will become a vaccination card from 15 February, because the concept of passing is different after the omicron than before. No new ID cards need to be issued, the vaccination can be checked based on the QR code. From 15 February, those who have received the third vaccine and those who have received two vaccines but have received them within six months are considered vaccinated. in the second.
  • The duration of the quarantine obligation is shortened to seven days, after five days a negative test can be released in case of asymptomaticity.
  • In schools, if there is an illness in a class, the quarantine period is five days.
  • 75 percent of hospital beds are free, which means more than 8,500 beds, but capacity can be increased if needed. Nearly 9.3 million of the vaccine is available.
  • After consulting a doctor, anyone can get the fourth vaccine, a decree on this will be published later this week.

There is no compensation, there is a chicken tail

As yesterday Viktor Orbán announced, for six products, store prices will be frozen at 15 October. These include granulated sugar, wheat flour, sunflower cooking oil, pork leg, chicken breast, and 2.8 percent cow’s milk. Gergely Gulyás has already listed the chicken tail on the Government Info.

The food price stop will be valid for three months, but can be extended. Stores will be inspected, a multi-level system of sanctions will be introduced from fines to closure. The government estimates that people will do better than reduce VAT to zero, which is why they have chosen to do so. Prices should be calculated based on the prices of the respective stores at that time.

Who bears the cost of the food stop? Retail, food companies or raw material producers? Can those involved be compensated? The Index asked Gergely Gulyás at the Government Information. The minister stated: they share the loss, they do not receive compensation, because there is a common burden-bearing, this amount of around twenty billion forints can be exploited from the retail profit.

Gergely Gulyás called it a possible danger that the price stop could be included in the price of other products, this will be monitored, but if there is an industry that makes significant profits and lives well in difficult times, it is expected to show solidarity and give up some of the profits. . He also mentioned that the government has additional resources in this area.

There was another important announcement in the briefing that the state election will be held on March 10, about this we wrote here more.

(Cover image: Alexandra Szentkirályi and Gergely Gulyás at the first Government Info of 2022. Photo: Patrícia Bodnár / Index)


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