Index – Domestic – Gergely Karácsony: everyone has a serious responsibility for opening

I understand the relief of those who can save their business, their jobs, in this way. I understand the need to get something back from our freedom. Yet I ask everyone to understand

vaccination, especially the first vaccination alone, does not stop the epidemic.

The infection continues to take hundreds of lives every day, the mayor said in a Facebook post.

Gergely Karácsony explained that in Hungary, the number of deaths is still extremely high in proportion to the world’s population, and in hospitals, doctors, residents and nurses are fighting for patients on the verge of human performance.

According to the mayor, the decision to 2.5 million vaccinated they bind the opening of shops and service providers, take serious responsibility on the shoulders of citizens. He adds, in those countries where the vaccination rate is higher than in Hungary, the result of this appeared in the epidemic data only after many weeks.

Gergely Karácsony drew attention to the fact that a lot depends on people’s attitude as to whether the epidemic should be reduced or dramatically intensified in the coming weeks, as despite the significant vaccination in European comparison, there are still many who did not get the vaccine.

Please be careful to follow the well-known health rules! Avoid the crowd! Wear a mask and wash, disinfect their hands! If you feel any symptoms, avoid the company of others! Test it! And most importantly: register, ask for the vaccination! Let us do everything for the health of ourselves and others! Let us act wisely and responsibly, worthy of a capital, a nation

The mayor asked the people of Budapest.

Previously the Index also reported that opening up in practice means that everyone can live their lives more freely in the future, for example, they can go to the hairdresser, but the time of the curfew also changes, because from Wednesday to three quarters to ten on lakik. The point is, everyone who doesn’t work needs to get home by ten.


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