Index – Domestic – The trade union stands by the convicted teacher in Pécs

The Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) also advocates for the history teacher, who was recently convicted and virtually barred from his profession by the court, even though he claims he only educates schoolchildren and teachers. he tried to defend from some aggressive teens.

In the PDSZ communication he wrote: Since the fight at the school last September, the protection of children and employees is still unresolved in Pécs, partly because the school guard cannot act against people outside the school either. The head of the institution repeatedly asked for the help of the police, but by the time they got to the scene, the disorderly young people had left.

According to the union, the teacher, Dezső Jancsula, tried to detain one of them, and in a court order without a trial, he ruled that the teacher had violated the person’s personal freedom. The educator received a court order to that effect in a letter and subsequently requested a hearing, citing his rights.

The PDSZ is confident that the court, after careful examination and careful consideration of the facts and events, will change the content of the order, eliminating the remarkably disproportionate and unjust legal consequences, the organization said in a statement. They added that they are convinced that it is not Dezső Jancsula’s action that poses a threat to society, but that they are criminalizing the educator who is trying to act with his own means in “education left alone”.


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