Index – Domestic – There was a meeting of friends in the apartment on Váci út, from the balcony of which a woman fell and died

They were able to hold a gathering of friends on Wednesday night in the apartment on Váci út in Budapest, where the barrier of a balcony was broken, which is why fell out from the third floor and a woman lost her life, Blikk learned.

According to the newspaper, the 53-year-old victim and the tenant of the apartment could have met just a few hours earlier in a nightclub, from where they left with their acquaintances and went up to the apartment to continue the evening.

The tenant of the third-floor apartment said the stone railing was rotten, which could have caused the accident.

The man’s mother said his son had a small group of friends. The woman with the accident was out on the balcony with one of her acquaintances when she could lean against the wall. His companion tried to reach for it but could no longer catch it. She said her son went down immediately, tried to help the woman, and held her hand until she died.

One of the neighbors said they were already asleep when they heard a big thud. The music was pounding somewhere in front of him. They thought someone had fallen off the bed, so they weren’t even dealt with. They only found out in the morning what had happened.

Police are investigating the case, but no crime has been suspected.

The owner of a building is liable for damage caused to others by the fall of parts of a building or by deficiencies in the building, unless he proves that the rules for construction and maintenance have not been violated and he has not acted reprehensibly to prevent damage during construction or maintenance, he said. the paper is a lawyer independent of the case, Daniel Tran.

He added that, as a general rule, the structural elements, such as the vase or railing of the balcony, are condominium common property, unless otherwise provided in the memorandum of association or SZMSZ (organizational and operational regulations). The balcony board and railing belong to the slab, so it is a common property. The structure and railings of the balconies will be renovated at the expense of the condominium, but the cost of the paving, such as the tile of the balcony, will be borne by the owner of the apartment belonging to it.

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