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2021.09.11. 09:59
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Two decades after the terrorist attacks in New York, we still remember the thousands of innocent victims with a sore heart. 2001. on September 11 peace and security of Christian civilization has proven to be a daily struggle, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, exactly 19 years after 19 jihadists in history. terrorist attack executed killed 2976 people.

In a statement sent to the MTI, the Prime Minister writes that after the sad events of twenty years ago, Hungary was one of the first in Europe to play a role in the fight against terrorism, and we supported our allies in NATO operations to the best of our knowledge.

The 2015 European migration crisis also brought terror to Europe. What has happened in Afghanistan is a cause for concern for all of us again. The level of security threats is rising, and instability in the region poses significant risks to Europe as well. Hungary protects Europe’s borders. We work to ensure that what happened twenty years ago in New York never happens again

– said the Prime Minister of New York terrorist attacks 20th anniversary.

(Cover image: Viktor Orbán. Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images)

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