Index – FOMO – Fanni Weisz happily left the court, her ex-husband no longer smiled so much

2021.10.09. 08:39

Fanni Weisz and Péter Hajmásy announced in the summer of 2020 that they would divorce after seven years. Divorce proceedings have already been filed, then they moved out, and on Friday the court also ruled the divorce.

The model also revealed that she would now officially continue on separate paths with her ex-husband, but said she did not want to talk about her private life any more than that.

A Glance by the way, Fanni Weisz left the court building with a smile, was liberated and happy, while Péter Hajmásy seemed nervous, but it is not known why.

They met seven years ago and were married three years ago, but Fanni Weisz’s family was not invited to the wedding. He also chilled away from his relatives, as he said, love fooled him. He has since reconciled with his loved ones, then broke up with his partner last year, and has since become a new friend.


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