India. The doctor pronounced him dead. The man woke up in the morgue

After confirming the death, the body was transported to the hospital morgue the next day, where it awaited the deceased’s relatives. When the family showed up at the hospital and was about to sign the relevant documents, the man’s sister-in-law noticed that he was moving.

Astonished family members immediately alerted the doctors, and the 40-year-old was immediately transferred to hospital for treatment.

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On television following the incident, Moradabad’s chief medical officer, Dr. Shiv Singh, said that “the emergency medical officer saw the patient at 3am and did not register a pulse.” – He examined the man many times. As a result of the examination, the patient was pronounced dead – he said and added that it was “a very rare case” and so far there is no question of negligence on the part of doctors.

The 40-year-old is currently in a health center in Meerut, where his condition has improved significantly. As reported by the family, the man has not yet regained consciousness. Nevertheless, relatives have already announced that they will file a lawsuit against doctors.

Źródło: “The Economic Times”

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