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US foreign policy is most supported by residents of the Philippines (77%), Georgia (72%) and Vietnam (71%), and the most negatively assessed by residents of Turkey (77%), Jordan (77%) and Spain (75%). In addition, only 11% of Russians noted the positive influence of Washington on the situation in the world.

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Among the countries whose residents most often note the stabilizing influence of Russia on the world situation, India took the first place (49%). Here the Indians are ahead of the Russians themselves. In Russia, this opinion is shared by 41% of citizens. A high level of support for Russian politics in the world is observed in the countries of Latin America and Western Asia (39% each).

“Attitudes towards Russian politics have also remained fairly constant over the past few years. Speaking about specific countries, residents of Kyrgyzstan (87%), Vietnam (72%), Kazakhstan (61%), Serbia (59%) and the Philippines (57%) expressed the greatest confidence in the positive impact of Russian policies, ”the study says.

Meanwhile, the majority of residents of Finland (87%), Georgia (78%), Korea (75%), Jordan (72%), Ukraine (72%) and Spain (70%) give a negative assessment of the country’s foreign policy.

The Chinese policy is approved by the residents of Malaysia (76%), Thailand (67%) and Pakistan (67%), disapproved in Vietnam (89%), Korea (84%) and Finland (66%). The index of assessing the impact of the country’s foreign policy decreased from -9 pp. up to -15 p.p. compared to 2019.

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The EU, according to Romir and Gallup International, “showed the largest decline in this issue: in 2019 the index was 22 pp, and in 2020 – already 9 pp”. At the same time, the European Union is the only owner of a positive index value. Brussels’ foreign policy is supported by residents of Georgia (81%), Colombia (73%), Vietnam (70%), Germany (69%) and Finland (68%). It is not supported by the residents of Jordan (68%), Korea (56%) and Turkey (54%). Globally, Europeans generally view the EU as a stabilizing force, as do Latin America and East Asia. However, a significant part of the inhabitants of Russia and the Middle East consider the EU policy to be rather destabilizing.


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