Indictment of three “yellow vests” accused of beating a truck driver


Yellow vest illustration – SIPA

Three “yellow vests” involved in a chase and the beating of a truck driver who had forced one of their dam in Ottmarsheim (Haut-Rhin) were indicted Wednesday by a judge of Mulhouse, we learned from a source close to the survey. They are prosecuted for violence in meeting with weapons and endangering the lives of others.

On Monday morning, a 33-tonne dump truck driver lost patience as he was stuck at a roundabout in Ottmarsheim. Despite the presence of a yellow vest lying on the road in front of his truck, the 30-year-old carrier had forced the dam, tearing off the signage, but without hurting anyone. In anger, he had pointed a shotgun and fired twice in the air before fleeing.

Brawl with an iron bar

Chased by several vehicles driven by “yellow vests”, it was caught before the neighboring town of ChalampĂ©, where a second dam blocked traffic.

A fight broke out between the driver of the truck and his pursuers. Shots would have been worn on both sides, especially with an iron bar. However, the truck driver managed to get back into the cab of his truck and resume his journey, apparently forcing the second blocking point. And it was finally the gendarmes, alerted, who had managed to stop the 33 tons not far from Fessenheim, about twenty kilometers further north.

ITT 45 days

Seriously injured, the 30-year-old driver from Belfort was taken care of by firefighters and transported to the hospital where a 45-day total interruption of work (ITT) was issued due to fractures of the arms and neck. Still hospitalized in Mulhouse, the man still could not be heard by the investigators.

Four of his pursuers had been arrested and placed in police custody. Three of them, aged 30, 32 and 35, were brought before the prosecution on Wednesday and presented to the Mulhouse judge Christophe Spery. At least one of the three has been remanded.


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